Zulu Squad members exiting a Blackhawk helicopter.

The Zulu Squad is the 33rd Infantry's elite fighting force. They were first seen in Chapter 10 when Riggs was picking the door's lock. After that, they continue to appear multiple times in the campaign. They can easily be distinguished by their black and orange armor and black and white helmet. Their presence can be detected by listening to their audible radio conversations. They are always equipped with either a P90 with a laser sight or SCAR-H and take more damage than normal 33rd soldiers, due at least in part to their additional body armor. They are usually calm and collected in battle, shouting less frequently and using only a few words when talking to their squadmates, such as "Flank them" or "Eyes on target" rather than other soldiers who will shout orders to each other. This may be due to the fact that they are only the 33rd unit who communicate by radio in combat. In game, Riggs tells Delta Squad that the Zulu Squad are "The 33rd's final solution to any and all of life's problems."


  • The duct-taped and hand drawn 33rd emblem seen on most Zulu Squad troopers is also the emblem used for the FUBAR difficulty level.


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