Windgate Menu Image

Menu image for Windgate.

"Only howling winds and the voices of the forgotten fill this once festive plaza."
— Windgate's map description

Windgate is a map featured in Spec Ops: The Line's multiplayer. It features long sight lines, with close quarters action in the center of the map.


Windgate is a medium to large sized map, taking place in, and around, the plaza of the Dubai Cinema. A section of the Dubai Metro can be seen on one side of the map, and an evacuation point on the other. A number of shipping containers fill the plaza, making a maze of trenches in the center of the map.

The map has two main sides, which also act as the bases for the players during team-based games. The Exiles spawn inside the Cinema, while The Damned spawn across from it, in a base made up of shipping containers and Hesco barriers. From here, both sides have a long view across the map to the other base, allowing Snipers to have the advantage. However, the center of the map is a maze of trenches and walkways, making close to medium-ranged combat ideal.

Sandstorms on this map will blow the train off of the overhead metro line, blocking paths along the east side of the map. This, usually, forces fighting to the west. It is advised that players utilize the east side while it is available, as it is shrouded in shadows and can allow for a stealthy approach to either base.

Players should be cautious of Proximity Mines and corners. Usually, players will lay mines in around blind corners or in sunny areas, where a player can easily miss them. Players also often hide around blind corners, and this tactic can allow those with submachine guns to get the upper hand on people with longer range weapons, such as assault rifles.


  • As seen in the multiplayer trailer, the map originally was placed very near Snow Dubai and, by extension, The Gate. It is unknown why this was changed.