Well, it's been a long time going without, but I finally have a new computer and I'm back where I belong! It looks like the wiki has at least had some activity while I was gone, which is good. But now that I'm back, I have something very, very important to say.

I've noticed vandalism on this wiki before, and I've seen it placed very sneakily, too. Let me just tell everyone that any and all vandalism on this wiki will be found, deleted and will be responded to with an immediate ban, no less. No second chances, no warnings. Do not seek to circumvent this ban. Do not continue to vandalise. Find more important things to do with your time, like buying food. Or finding a job. Go someplace else with that.

Now seeking fellow administrators and mods. Work hard for such a reward, and act professional. Old admins, if you're out there, I'd sure love to hear from you. It's been a long time away from the wiki.


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