I was just looking over some things when I started to notice a problem. Aside from the occasional vandalism, which in itself is hard enough to reverse, we're getting some innacurate categories. And by that i mean, first and foremost, categories are hard to change. Only an administrator or higher can delete or rename a category, which means that when we get vandalism, such as this:, we cannot do anything about it. When I tried to add that particular category to a deletions list, the Spam Blocker decided to kick in. You sure picked a fine time, buddy! But what I'm saying is, that when it comes to categories being any less than 100% accurate or legitimate, our admin needs to be notified immediately so that he can fix it.

Then there's the cases of misspellings in category titles, such as "Veihcles" or "Freindlies". It's a simple and easy error to make, but it is damn hard to fix. Please, we only have the one administrator here, so try to make it as easy on him as possible, and you can do that by slowing down, looking at what you're writing, and double-checking it to make sure it fits into the English language. Because if it doesn't, or makes no sense in some other manner, then it WILL reflect badly on our wiki.

Please, double-check your work!


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