FANDOM sat down Nolan North the voice actor of Martin Walker about his experience with spec ops the line. To sum it up he said this about these topics:

Who is Martin Walker? Hes a great soldier, but he still is human. He also said The Line will be "one of the most psychologically mind-bending games" hes ever been involved with

Was Walker diffrent from what you ussauly do? Yes,I think what makes it different is that rather than the player walking in his shoes, you’re walking in his mind. You feel for the character. The game hits at an emotional level that very few shooters will reach.

How dificult is it to switch from "killer" to "peacemaker"? You know, bi-polar disorder would probably help. It’s not as drastic as “Killer"or “Peacemaker” but there are definite levels of intensity that you can put yourself in emotionally. You want hear it vocally.

Did he get to improvise? Yes and the Writer did a good job with the story.

How important is it to be in the studios while acting? He prefers working in the studio. He also complamented our savvyness. How nice

How did he get into Walkers character? He watched military chanel and imagines what he would do in Walkers positon. 2K also gave him a descrption of Walker which said this: He’s like any soldier in the military. He’s a guy who probably would have had a normal life if he wasn’t in the military. He could have worked in an office but the next thing you know he’s in a uniform and he’s shipped off somewhere and he’s a military guy. He’s obviously Special Forces, he’s at least a career military guy, and I’ve known some people like that. But ultimately you just put as much of yourself that will fit in that character and you take it from there.

Everything else isnt involved with the game. So what do you think?

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