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  • MyOpsAreBlackerThenYours

    I was thinking about making one to hopefully get more people to get involved with this wiki. So what do you guys think should I try it or not?

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  • MyOpsAreBlackerThenYours

    I saw the interview but its still confusing because both Walker and Adams were in the helo but they die sepreatly from each other when Walker was reliving Dubai. And how did he relive the epilouge if he was already dead before that could even happen? Cuz all that I can think of is that hes being judged and if he surrender to falcon one he goes to heaven and if he fights he goes to hell. So anyone know the real answer cuz im real confused?

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  • MyOpsAreBlackerThenYours

    For me I hope that these are added in a new DLC:

    • M16A4
    • Mk 14
    • M60E4
    • AR-15
    • M120 Mortar in MP along with the Mortarmen calss(The only class that can use it)
    • M24
    • A mode similar to Convoy in SOCOM
    • And some new maps thats 33rd v. Refugees

    What do you think of my list. And whats do you hope appears?

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  • MyOpsAreBlackerThenYours

    With Spec Ops The Line getting a Co-Op campaign in future DLC what do you think it will be like? I think it will either follow the story of 4 33rd Soldiers so we can have a better view of why there doing the things they did or it will be 2 players with one playing as Konrad and the other as Walker showing what happend in Kabul. So what do you think?

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  • MyOpsAreBlackerThenYours

    So what do you think of it? In my opinion its a great game but theres the things that bother me:

    • MSG-90 is way to weak
    • They have the same voice actor for each faction
    • Host Migration
    • And voice acting for the announcer could be a bit better
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