Radio Suntower

The sun tower where Radioman lives.

The Trans-Emirates Building is a location reached in Chapter 12 of Spec Ops: The Line. It is where the game's secondary antagonist, Radioman, is situated and where he makes all of his broadcasts from, as well as where he dies at the hands of Lugo. It appears as a very large tower, reaching far into the clouds of Dubai, and only the rooftop is ever explored. Curiously, there are many life-size figurines of people placed on the deck where the firefights take place, causing considerable danger to the player should they confuse them for actual soldiers.

At its top is a smaller sun tower, which Radioman has made his comfortable residence. It is a large metal frame creating a dome, and much of it is merely glass. It is defended by large amounts of 33rd soldiers and is one of the main stops for helicopters in Dubai. Many solar panels and radio dishes adorn its surface, and the equipment inside is eventually jacked by Lugo.

In Chapter 12, Walker and his team make their way across the rooftops and onto the top floor of the Trans-Emirates Building for the long-awaited confrontation with Radioman. They fight off hordes of 33rd soldiers and eventually climb their way to the sun tower at its peak, triggering a cutscene in which Lugo both kills Radioman and takes control of the broadcasting equipment. However, by the time they are ready to leave, more soldiers are dropping in, and Delta is forced to take siege of an enemy helicopter to escape. Walker uses the machine gun inside to completely demolish the sun tower, and the building is left behind.


  • The Trans-Emirates Building stands as the tallest reachable tower in Dubai in game. However, from its location, and the subsequent helicopter fight over Dubai, one can catch glimpse of the tallest tower in Dubai and the game, if one looks carefully. This is the Burj Khalifa, which is in real life the tallest tower both in Dubai and the world.


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