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Chapter 2 sandstorm site

The hotel, one of the major parts of the Nest.

The Nest
is the name given to a network of buildings, shelters and tunnels spanning a large portion of Dubai. It includes many buildings and yards both above and below surface level. It appears to belong to the 33rd Infantry, although the refugees do have a stronghold over some parts of it, and the CIA squad Grey Fox have infiltrated it. It includes, but is not limited to, scrapyards, lookout posts, a ruined hotel, and a series of tunnels leading to what seems to be a mall atrium.

The Delta Force squad first seeks out the Nest when the dying hostage tells them that Lieutenant McPherson was taken there. Unfortunately, when Delta finally finds him, McPherson does not survive, due to his own actions against the squad. The map "Last Resort" takes place on the hotel.


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