Chapter 2 sandstorm site

The hotel, one of the major parts of the Nest.

The Nest
is the name given to a network of buildings, shelters and tunnels spanning a large portion of Dubai. It serves as one of the major locations in Spec Ops: The Line.


It includes many buildings and yards both above and below surface level. It appears to primarily belong to the 33rd Infantry, although the refugees do have strongholds over some parts of it, and the CIA squad Grey Fox have infiltrated it, setting up their base of operations underneath a major refugee camp.

It is broken up into four major parts that are seen in-game, but its true extent is not known. They include:

Assai News DubaiEdit

A former news broadcasting building, re-purposed into an outer lookout and strong point. This is the most outer section of the Nest, and is the point where Delta Squad enter it.

Sunken HotelEdit

A large, mostly buried hotel, located directly after the Assai News building. It contains large banquet halls, shopping areas, sitting areas, and courtyards. It seems to function as another layer of defense for the inner areas of the Nest, with Browning M2A2s having been set up in essential areas

Financial CenterEdit

Accessed by an elevator shaft from the hotel, the financial center serves as the first real living area within the Nest. A number of living areas have been set up where possible. However, since Grey Fox's infiltration into the complex, this has also become their safehouse and staging area, where they coordinate the Refugees and plan their assault on The Gate.


Once a large shopping center, Oasis has been converted into the major living area of the Nest, with Refugees even setting up a market to trade for what scant resources exist in Dubai. It is accessed from the Financial Center through several broken floors via Rappel Ropes.

In The LineEdit

The Delta Squad first seeks out the Nest when the dying hostage tells them that Lieutenant John McPherson was taken there. Unfortunately, when Delta finally finds him, McPherson mistakes Captain Martin Walker and his team for CIA operatives and, eventually, leads to the 33rd mistakenly seeing Delta Squad as CIA and a threat. The map "Last Resort" takes place on the hotel.