Walker looking out over The Gorge.

The Gorge is a major location in Spec Ops: The Line.


When the storm wall fell, much of Dubai was buried in sand, often to the tops of buildings, leaving the ground level buried under mountains of sand. However, in The Gorge's case, the tall nature of the buildings acted as a windbreak, allowing for a deep chasm to form between them. As the 33rd Infantry settled into their occupation of Dubai, they began to create a series of outposts around the Gorge, even going so far as to create an interrogation facility, Camp Truth, at the bottom of it.

In The LineEdit

The Gorge is a prominent location, with both Chapter 5 and much of Chapter 6 taking place in and around it. Captain Walker and the rest of Delta Squad come to it while looking for Agent Daniels and, with the signal of his interrogation coming from the bottom of it, begin descending, using Ziplines and Rappel Ropes to work their way down through the buildings, with Walker eventually becoming seperated after falling to the bottom of the Gorge.

Once there, he has to defend himself against waves of 33rd soldiers until he can reconnect with the rest of his team, and begin searching for Daniels. Eventually, they find Camp Truth, only to discover the grisly truth that Walker's suspicions about the 33rd going to war against itself are true, and that Daniels has been deceased since the beginning.

The Gorge is also the setting of the Co-op mission Gorge Top.


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