Chapter 2 sandstorm site

The first place where the hotel can be seen above ground

The Sunken Hotel is the unofficial name of a major location in Spec Ops: The Line.

The hotel itself makes up a large portion of The Nest, and spans over much of Dubai itself. It features prominently in Chapter 3, being introduced at the end of Chapter 2, where a sandstorm actually buries part of it. Much of the hotel complex to speak of is already underground, although largely intact. It is a stronghold for the 33rd infantry, until Delta Force arrives. Some areas have even been fully converted into military outposts.

In Chapter 3, Delta must make their way through a portion of the hotel, the area that has just been buried. In doing so, they discover that the CIA is also in Dubai.


  • As seen in earlier footage from the area, the player was originally going to face 33rd soldiers instead of refugees during the fight on the rooftop and the banquet hall.
  • Successfully navigating the hotel in chapter 3, with no deaths or restarts in the campaign thus far, earns the player the achievement Sierra Hotel.


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