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The Stryker is an armored fighting vehicle shown in Spec Ops: The Line. Throughout the singleplayer campaign,
Spec Ops sceenshot 4

The tactics conversation between Adams and Walker as Lugo talks with the natives standing near the Stryker.

abandoned Strykers can be seen in every place in Dubai. Most appear to have been lost to either sandstorms or enemy actions. The harsh and unstable terrain reduces the effectiveness of wheeled vehicles, and as fuel becomes scarce in the now-isolated Dubai, the 33rd seems to use their remaining Strykers sparingly. A Stryker infantry carrier can transport a squad of up to 9 soldiers, depending on the bulk of the weapons and equipment they carry. A typical mounted squad of the 33rd Infantry currently consists of 5 soldiers: 3 normal soldiers, 1 heavy trooper, and 1 edged weapon expert.

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