Beacon Stryker

Appears in

Spec Ops: The Line

Used by

33rd Infantry


Roof Mounted Browning M2A2

The Stryker is an eight wheeled armored fighting vehicle utilized by the US Army and, specifically, the 33rd Infantry. It is featured in Spec Ops: The Line.

The LineEdit

Throughout the singleplayer campaign, abandoned Strykers can be seen throughout the ruins of Dubai, most appearing to have been lost to either sandstorms or enemy actions. The harsh and unstable terrain reduces the effectiveness of wheeled vehicles, making their usefulness to the 33rd somewhat limited.

However, though the number of working Strykers the 33rd posses are limited, they are used against Walker and Adams late in Chapter 13, deploying a squad of five soldiers to assault the yacht they are cornered in, consisting of 3 troopers, a Heavy Trooper, and a Bayonet Runner.


  • The 33rd seem to use their remaining Strykers sparingly, likely due to the scarcity of fuel and spare parts in Dubai.
  • A Stryker infantry carrier can transport a squad of up to 9 soldiers, depending on the bulk of the weapons and equipment they carry.


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