Adams is the 13 Chapter in Spec Ops: The Line


The level opens with Walker by himself in a sandstorm with the burning tower in front of him and several charred bodies in the sand in front of him. Various characters who Walker has had a hand in killing come walking towards him one at a time, blaming him for the status of Dubai. Then Walker wakes up and the player regains control with Walker alone in a ship graveyard, with yachts half buried in sand. Walker follows to Adams' signal by the downed chopper and must dispatch a few 33rd that have him surrounded. After clearing the area, and reviving Adams, several more 33rd come, including a heavy with support gunners at the end. Most helpful are the 417 and the SCAR that is next to the downed helicopter. Once the 33rd are done, Adams and Walker move to follow Lugo's signal. He says he is hurt and 33rd are stirring things up. Walker instructs him to find a place to hide and wait for them.

Walker and Adams fight through two more open areas in a desert ship graveyard. Then, inside a ship, Adams questions Walker's motives and morals (for the fact that they have killed many American soldiers). Once in the open, a Stryker armored vehicle approaches and they are forced to take cover and defend themselves. The loading screens now say things like, "you are still a good person," and "You do not understand and you cannot." After defeating the first wave of 33rd, including a bayonet runner and a heavy, Walker orders Adams to take cover in the upper level of the yacht and wait for the sandstorm. He reasons that the 33rd will become disoriented in the storm and can be killed once it clears. They continue attacking during the sandstorm. Once the 33rd are defeated, they hear Lugo screaming for help and think that the soldiers have him. A cutscene is triggered showing that Lugo has been lynched by angry civilians. Walker and Adams shoot down the rope holding Lugo, Adams pushes the crowd back and Walker tries to revive Lugo but fails. Adams asks for permission to kill the civilians in retaliation for them killing Lugo.

Adams justifies this action as it was "for Lugo"

This happens when the player chooses to melee one of the civilians or shoot above them.

The player earns the "A Line Held" achievement.

The civilians use rocks to kill Walker and Adams.

Adams and Walker make their way through a refugee camp and once they find an exit, the level ends.


  • Lugo's TAR-21 can be picked up after "A Line, Crossed" or "A Line, Held" achievement is done.

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