This is a collaborative walkthrough for Spec Ops: Ranger Elite. Please add any missing information to any section and/or correct any errors that you find.

Mission 1: AlaskaEdit

Mission 1-1: The Pump StationEdit

Mission 1-2: The Log CabinEdit

Mission 1-3: Raid The BaseEdit

Mission 2: AfghanistanEdit

Mission 2-1: The CampEdit

Mission 2-2: The BridgeEdit

Mission 2-3: The BorderEdit

Mission 3: EgyptEdit

Mission 3-1: The ArmoryEdit

Mission 3-2: The HouseEdit

Mission 3-3: The DocksEdit

Mission 4: ChinaEdit

Mission 4-1: Launcher HuntEdit

Mission 4-2: The Rail BaseEdit

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