Scout Tactical

Appears in

Spec Ops: The Line


Sniper Rifle

Magazine size


Spare Ammo


Special ability

8x or 16x Zoom

Used by

33rd Infantry, Lugo

The Scout Tactical is a bolt-action sniper rifle in Spec Ops: The Line. It has a 5 round magazine and a scope that can swap between an 8x and a 16x zoom.

Singleplayer CampaignEdit

It can first be found on the body of a dead sniper during the level 6, The Edge. Afterwards it can be regularly found on enemy snipers throughtout the campaign.


The Scout Tactical is unlocked at Level 25


  • The Scout Tactical is the real life weapon, Steyr Scout. The name of the arms maker was likely excluded due to copyright purposes.
  • Lugo carries a Scout Tactical as a secondary weapon.
  • The Scout Tactical is being held together with bands or tape. This implies the improper care or maintainance of the weapons by the 33rd Infantry.