The SCAR-H is an assault rifle that appears in Spec Ops: The Line.


The SCAR-H first appears in Chapter 2, lying on the ground just before the ambush at the hotel. After this it appears very rarely until the later stages of the game, in which it becomes increasingly common. It is often used by elite 33rd soldiers. It has an underslung MK 13 grenade launcher which can be useful for taking out groups of enemies at range.


It is unlocked at level 33. It does not retain the MK 13 grenade launcher attachment.


  • The SCAR-H has a 33rd Infantry insignia on the side of it, similarly to the AA-12.
  • SCAR stands for Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle. The H stands for Heavy, a reference to the heavier 7.62 x 51mm ammunition it is chambered for, as opposed to the 5.56 x 45mm used in the M4A1.
  • In real life, the SCAR-H is only used by US Special Operations units such as Delta Force, rather than regular Army units like the 33rd.
  • During the campaign, a SCAR-H without the MK 13 grenade launcher is seen in a cutscene, used by a 33rd soldier to torture a civilian and Rick Gould through sand-boarding. This version of the SCAR-H is not obtainable by the player, if the soldier wielding it is killed he will drop an M4A1 instead.