Red Orchid Bar

The bar area of the Red Orchid building, with the 33rd's basketball court.

Red Orchid is a minor location in Spec Ops: The Line.


Originally an office used by the company of the same name, once the 33rd Infantry began their occupation, it was quickly taken over due to its commanding position overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road. It became a snipers nest and, when combined with Crow 2, Crow 3, the Trans-Emirates Building, and an unnamed snipers nest across the road, formed a deadly kill zone for anyone attempting to use the road itself.

The 33rd soldier stationed here have, despite the conditions in Dubai, created a very livable space, setting up storage rooms, cots, a bar, and even a basketball court to make it more comfortable.

In The LineEdit

Captain Walker and the rest of Delta Squad enter the building from the roof, after having passed through Dubai Wave in the Sky on their way to reach Robert Darden and, hopefully, start a mass evacuation of Dubai.

They have the option of proceeding through the first sniper nest stealthily but, eventually, they are detected, and a firefight ensues in the bar area, with 33rd soldiers dropping in from the skylight and using Ziplines to cross over from Crow 2. Once the firefight ends, Walker is forced to deal with several snipers firing from Crow 2, before he and the rest of Delta Squad can use the zipline to move on to Crow 3 and, eventually, reach the Trans-Emirates Building.


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