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Spec Ops: The Line


Grenade Launcher

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Spare Ammo


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The RPG-7 is a rocket-propelled grenade launcher that appears in Spec Ops: The Line.


The RPG-7 fires a rocket propelled grenade that will travel in a small corkscrew until it hits something. This spiraling may cause difficulty in hitting targets at long distances or through small gaps, especially during Sandstorms. The damage output is high enough to kill nearly any target in a single blast, possibly excluding Breachers or Scavengers.


RPGs are carried by Refugees, and at least one 33rd soldier and are thus difficult to find in the game. Due to the reletive rarity of them, ammunition must be replenished through ammo crates and executions.


The RPG-7 is unlocked at level 43. As a heavy weapon, it can only be equipped to a loadout as a Gunner.


  • RPGs can be found in abundance on any map while playing the gametype Buried.


  • When the RPG is fired there will be no explosion, but all damage will still be done within the radius of the shot.
  • Firing and reloading at the exact same moment may cause the weapon to glitch out. A loaded grenade head will be visible regardless if the weapon is loaded or not, and it must be reloaded manually after each shot.


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