Perks are a feature added to the Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer. When added onto a multiplayer loadout, they can significantly affect the flow of battle.


Perks add extra abilities to the player (such as increased damage output, enhanced minimap, or enemy debuffs). If the right perks are used together, it can create powerful tactical advantages.


Using a perk in a match gives it experience. After the same perk has been use in a sufficient amount of matches, it will reach level 2. At level 2 a new ability is added to the perks, as well the the previously existing one, essentially giving the player one perk that does two things.


There are 15 perks, and 3 perk slots per loadout. The first two slots are unlocked at level 1, the last is only unlocked at level 45. Only two perks are available for use when first starting multiplayer. As the player increases in level, more and more perks become available.


Icon Name Effect Level 2 Effect Level Unlocked
CoverRat Cover Rat Take reduced damage while in cover, not including flanking attacks. Improved accuracy when blind firing. Level 1
Tactician Tactician Slows enemy movement by 20% with each hit. Increased damage when flanking an enemy who is in cover. Level 1
Commando Commando Start with 2 extra magazines. You won't appear on enemy's minimap while sprinting. Level 2
WeightTraining Weight Training Increased melee damage. Increased throwing range and blast range of explosives. Level 4
IEDexpertise IED Expertise Enemy mines will explode 5 seconds after they are triggered. Dropped weapons, pickups, mines, and grenades within 30m appear on minimap. Level 8
SteadyHanded Steady Handed Instantaneously go to iron sights or scope. Crosshairs return to normal 20% faster after long firing bursts. Level 12
BloodThirst Blood Thirst Damage increases by 10% with every kill. Resets at player death or when 30 seconds goes by with no kills. Armor increases by 10% with every kill. Resets at player death or when 30 seconds goes by with no kills. Level 16
Ghost Ghost "Ghost" shows up on the kill roster as the killer and no revenge bonus is granted to any enemy that kills you. Enemy won't see the killer's kill cam. Level 20
Resilient Resilient Remain alive much longer while in DBNO. Self-Revive while in DBNO, can only be used once per life. Level 23
AlwaysPrepared Always Prepared Start with an extra primary weapon instead of a pistol. Magazines are 25% larger. Level 26
Adapted Adapted Allows running during a sandstorm. Sandstorms don't have as much of a negative effect on minimap viability or weapon accuracy. Level 30
Hunter Hunter Appear in the incorrect position on the enemy's minimap. Cause 25% more damage. Level 33
Situational awareness Situational Awareness Covert operatives will not appear with a random name and crosshairs will turn red over them. Enemies within 10m show up minimap. Level 37
Scrambler Scrambler Reduced effects from getting hit with flash bangs & sand bombs. Will not show up on the enemy's minimap. Level 40
Covert Covert Enemy crosshairs don't turn red over you. Gain a random enemy name every time you respawn. Level 44

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