Muler was a member of the 33rd Infantry Battalion that is mentioned in Spec Ops: The Line.


Muler was a member of the 33rd and, after serving with the Battalion in Afghanistan, was sent to Dubai to assist in the evacuation. It is unknown what his role was. However, at some point before the CIA squad Grey Fox was sent to the city, he was hung by the rest of the 33rd for desertion.

In The LineEdit

Muler is never directly mentioned in Spec Ops: The Line. A photo of his body, however, is pinned into Agent Castavin's journal, where he questions if he is a member of the 33rd.


  • In the photo of Muler's body, it can be seen he is wearing DCUs, or Desert Camoflague Uniform. This patern was retired in 2008, and all of the members of the 33rd encountered in-game wear ACUs. It is unknown why he would be wearing a retired uniform.

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