Appears in

Spec Ops: The Line

Used by

33rd Infantry


  • Door mounted Gau17/A minigun
  • Front mounted M134 7.62mm minigun

The MH-60L Direct Action Penetrator is a specialized version of the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that appears in Spec Ops: The Line.

The 33rd Infantry in Dubai has possession of few of these helicopters, which were put to use in battling Agent Gould's insurgents and in deploying Zulu Squad to the Radioman's tower to fight Delta Squad, and to attempt to stop Delta Squad's assault on the Marina Gate. All of these helicopters were eventually destroyed.

The MH-60 has thicker armor and greater lift capability than the AH-6J Little Bird. It has a crew of four consisting of a pilot, a co-pilot and two crew chiefs, and can hold a full squad of soldiers. As a troop transport, it is typically armed with two cabin-mounted machine guns, but can also carry a variety of guns, rocket pods, and missile under removable pylons. The 33rd seems to use the M134 7.62mm miniguns and passengers' weapons for defense and offense, rather than having any mounted weaponry.