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The M9 is a handgun that appears in Spec Ops: The Line. It is the current standard issued handgun for the US Armed Forces.

In the single player campaign it can be equipped with a silencer. The M9 is carried by Walker when the game begins, and in early chapters refugees will use these as their primary weapon. Later in the campaign, it is the sidearm for most common soldiers of the 33rd, and they may use it if their primary weapon runs out of ammunition. In the final chapter, the player disarms a certain deceased Colonel and uses the M9 to 'face his demons'. The significance of the M9 in regards to the social contexts and themes Spec Ops: The Line tries to convey to the player is highly essential.

Regular snipers also have M9s, but will not use them unless the player gets close.


  • Both Adams and Lugo carry suppressed M9's, but will not use them unless ordered.
  • The M9 shares ammunition with the Micro 9mm.
  • It is unlocked in the multiplayer at Level 1, making it available from the start of the game.
  • The M9 is called the Beretta M9 in game files.