M-99 Sniper
M-99 model

Appears in

Spec Ops: The Line


Sniper Rifle

Magazine size


Spare Ammo


Special ability


Used by

33rd Infantry

The M-99 Sniper is a sniper rifle that appears in Spec Ops: The Line.


The M-99 Sniper appears only once in the campaign, in Chapter 13: Adams. It is being used by the first sniper encountered during the level, and can be taken from them after they have been killed. Due to its ultra-rarity, ammo can only be aquired from Ammo Crates or Executions.


The M-99 Sniper is unlocked at level 41. Although it only is capable of a single shot before reloading, a single successful hit will kill any target reguardless of damage reduction or resistance. The only execption to this rule are players under the effect of spawn protection or Adrenaline.


  • It is the only single shot weapon in the game.
  • The M-99 Sniper is the real world weapon Barrett M99. The name of the arms maker was likely excluded for copyright purposes.


  • In the multiplayer lobby, if the character is holding an M-99 Sniper, it may have glitched textures and appear to be a very light beige rather than the dark gun metal it is supposed to be.

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