First Lieutenant John McPherson is a member of the 33rd Infantry Battalion that appears in Spec Ops: The Line.

He, along with the rest of Alpha Patrol, were attacked by refugees somewhere near the edge of Dubai, and he was captured and taken to the Sunken Hotel to be interrogated. Walker's team later walk in on his interrogation, distracting the interrogator, Agent Castavin. During the confusion McPherson takes Castavin's M9 hand gun and proceeds to kill him with it. McPherson will then end up in a standoff with Walker and his team. Walker is then given the option to kill him. During this standoff McPherson will slowly edge toward the rappel rope at the end of the room.

Later, McPherson will be one of the hallucinations taunting Walker after the helicopter crash in the Ship Graveyard, claiming that he was just following orders.

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  • During the standoff with McPherson, the crosshair will not turn red over him.
  • The line "you shot him" will not play if Walker opened fire but let one of his squadmates fire the lethal shot.

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