Jeff Riggs is part of the CIA team Grey Fox alongside Rick Gould, Brian Castavin, and Thomas Daniels. They were sent into Dubai to discover what happened there after the sandstorm crisis.

When you go to rescue him, he tells you about a plan to steal water from the 33rd, but once his plan goes wrong he purposely crashes the trucks. Martin Walker will take his .44 Magnum off the ground and the player has the option of either killing him or allowing him to burn to death when the wrecked truck's burning fuel engulfs him.

He wanted to destroy the water supply from the Aquatic Colosseum to kill off population in order to cover up the actions of John Konrad and the 33rd to avoid an unwinnable war with the Middle East and the United States.

Like Gould, he is one of the figures Walker sees in his hallucination after the helicopter crash taunting him as he tries to justify his actions. In the last chapter of the story, he is seen in the flashback accounting Walker's journey through Dubai.



  • Since the Middle East has no blue-water navies and most powers depend on the West for logistical support, it is unclear how seriously Riggs' claims should be taken; some read them as indicative of paranoia and/or the same sort of delusional self-justification that Walker himself uses, possibly even more so than Walker himself.
  • He seems to be the oldest of all the members due to his graying facial hair. And in Chapter 10, after brutally killing a 33rd Soldier that surprises him, he will say he is 53 years old.
  • It can be seen on Konrad's Psyche Profile, of which Riggs in the author, that it is sign "Francis Joy Riggs", possibly indicating that he is lying about his first name, or that it was changed late into development.

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