IED Expertise is a perk available in Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer.


Level 1

Enemy mines will explode 5 seconds after they are triggered.

Level 2

Dropped weapons, pickups, mines, and grenades within 30m appear on minimap.


  • Can be valuable in essentially "disarming" proximity mines for teammates. Being that if someone with this perk is in the lead, they can activate the mines without being killed by them.


  • It is unlocked at level 8
  • The icon depicts a M4A1 and a Medkit, despite medkits not being present in the game.
  • With level 2, once a mine has been "spotted", it will remain visible for the rest of the match until it is detonated. It can been seen through walls, from any distance on the map, and if the player dies and switches to a loadout without IED Expertise they can still see the mine.

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