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"The shell of a once-grand natural history museum."
— Extinction's map description

Extinction is a map featured in Spec Ops: The Line's multiplayer. It features a high amount of verticality, with numerous Ziplines and Rappel Ropes.


Extinction is located in the Dubai Natural History Museum, spread across the museums three accessible levels.

Verticality is this maps main feature, with combat often focusing on the stairwells between floors, or from players using the top floor to fire down onto players on lower floors. Medium range engagements are common, making assault rifles the dominant weapon, though there are enough close quarters engagements and flanking roots to make shotguns and submachine guns a viable option as well.

Using the ziplines is recommended to traverse quickly between one level and the next, though there are also holes in the floor that allow the player to drop down to lower areas. For players playing as The Damned, another option is to shoot out the brakes on the elevator cars, allowing them to drop from the top level all the way down to the bottom level. However, they should be careful, as misjudging your fall and landing on the brick work can kill the player.

Another important thing to note about this map is that it is the only one to not feature sandstorms, being that it is completely inside. Thus, one should prepare accordingly.


  • It is interesting to note that all of the entrances to the museum are blocked by mountains of sand, leaving no visible way to access it. Thus, it is unknown how the two factions actually entered the building in the first place.

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