A player about to execute another.

Executions are a finishing attack that players can perform in Spec Ops: The Line.

In the campaign, after meleeing or wounding an enemy soldier, the player can press the melee button again while standing over them to finish them off. This awards the player with a small amount of extra ammo for both of their weapons.

In the multiplayer, this attack can be performed after incapacitating the opponent, and will grant extra points.


  • The player shoots the enemy's knee and shoots again in the head. (Rifle or shotgun)
  • The player punches the enemy's neck with their fist.
  • The player shoots the enemy in the head. (Rifle or shotgun)
  • The player beats the enemy with the stock of their gun. (Pistol)
  • The player puts their foot on the enemy's neck and breaks it.
  • The player hits the enemy once with the stock of the weapon (Rifle or shotgun)
  • The player hits the enemy twice with stock of the weapon. (Rifle or shotgun)
  • The player shoves the rifle onto the opponent's neck, then breaks it. (Rifle)
  • The player grabs the enemy and pulls on their head, then breaks their neck. (opponent on stomach)
  • The player puts the gun barrel towards the enemy's face, then fires. (AA12)
  • The enemy being executed tries to back crawl away and is shot in the leg. As the enemy recoils forward he is shot in the head (417)
  • The enemy is on their knees stunned while Walker slowly moves up and aims his gun at the victims head before pulling the trigger. (Pistol)


  • "Why waste bullets?" :Gunner
  • "Tell your mom I said hi.":Gunner
  • "That's what you get for shooting the medic" :Medic
  • "We're done here.":Scavenger
  • "Threat eliminated!":Walker
  • "Fucking traitor!":Walker
  • "Kill is fucking confirmed!":Walker
  • "I guess you should've stayed home.":Walker
  • "Son of a bitch.":Walker
  • "Got the son of a bitch.":Walker
  • "Fuck you.":Walker
  • "Yeah, fuck you.":Walker
  • "Motherfucker.":Walker


  • Preforming the executions where the player shoots the victim in the head does not use any of the weapon's ammunition.
  • As Walker degrades both physically and mentally throughout the course of the game, his executions of enemies will become more brutal. (case-and-point: the last animation listed)