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Bayonet Charger

A Edged Weapon Expert charging walker

Edged Weapon Experts (or "Bayonet Runners") are a type of enemy in Spec Ops: The Line.

They are the fastest enemy encountered and are capable of dodging weapons fire, however they never take cover and have little armor. They are equipped with a bayonet and will attempt to charge straight at the player.


  • They will never use a gun even if one is easily accessible to them; it is probable that they are insane as a result of the events in Dubai. Lugo even refers to one of them as a "crazy fucker with a knife."
  • When they are killed they will drop and swing their bayonet in a desperate last effort attack. This however deals no actual damage.
  • Killing one when they're within 5 meters or less will grant the "Damn Close" achivement.
  • They are also refered to as 'Bayonet Runners' in loading sceens for the campaign.
  • They can not be knocked down by melee attacks.
  • Despite their aversion to guns, they carry a Micro 9mm which they drop upon death.
  • Unlike other 33rd soldiers, they will still charge the player if they are stuck by a sticky grenade, making hitting them a potential hazard.

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