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"Towering rooftops connected by flimsy improvised bridges and zip lines"
— Crow's Nest's map description

Crow's Nest is a map featured in Spec Ops: The Line's multiplayer. It features long sight lines, emphasizing long rang combat over close quarter engagements.


Crow's Nest is a medium sized map, spread between four different buildings, seemingly around the edge of The Gorge. They are each connected by bridges and Ziplines, forming a square path around the map.

The map has four main corners, consisting of each of the four buildings. As mentioned above, bridges and ziplines connect all of the buildings, but there is no way to move across the middle of the map, meaning players will have to run around the sides to get to each of the buildings. The Assai News building and the building directly diagonal to it feature commanding positions, while the other two function as more open ground for engagements.

Outside, snipers are highly effective, due to the long sight lines and relative prevalence of cover. It can prove dangerous to try to move to a new building while they have a clear shot. However, Sandstorms prove key in dealing with snipers, as their range is greatly diminished. If one does not have a sniper to provide cover fire, waiting for the sandstorm to move is a viable option.

Medium range engagements tend to take place in the two commanding buildings. Due to tight corners and the prevalence of stairwells, one might consider using a shotgun or submachine gun, given that both have high damage and close range. Those seeking to attack the enemy on the more open rooftops should consider using heavier Armor and assault rifles, in order to deal more damage while being able to take multiple hits.

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