Crow 2

Walker looking towards Crow 2 from the Red Orchid building

Crow 2 is a minor location in Spec Ops: The Line.


Crow 2 functions as a sniper's nest, due to its commanding position overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road. At some point before the events of the game, likely during the first sandstorms, a TV news helicopter crashed into the lower floors, opening up a wide hole in the building.

The 33rd have strung Ziplines across the gap between Crow 2 and the Red Orchid building, as well as through the hole in the building to connect Red Orchid to Crow 3. It also seems that the 33rd snipers have taken to using mutineers as target practice, as a number of dead soldiers can be seen strung up on the side of the building, with bullet holes around them.

In The LineEdit

When Captain Walker and Delta Squad make their way through Red Orchid, they overhear one sniper say that Crosby is currently stationed at Crow 2, and that he has one of the Red Orchid sniper's cigarettes.

When a firefight ensues in the bar area of the Red Orchid, a number of soldiers use the zipline to cross over from Crow 2 to Red Orchid. These are, however, quickly dispatched by Delta. The snipers in Crow 2 then turn their rifles on them, and Walker and Lugo quickly dispatch them, allowing them to use the zipline to cross over to Crow 3 and, by extension, the Trans-Emirates Building.

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